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Scorch Rapid Fire Elite Xbox One Solderless Rapid Fire Chip

Scorch Rapid Fire Elite Xbox One Solderless Rapid Fire Chip


Scorch Rapid Fire Elite Xbox One Solderless Rapid Fire Chip

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This chip is not compatible with the new 3.5mm jack controllers or boards.  

The SCORCH Rapid Fire Elite latest software platform for their modded controller. This chip gives you access to 100% of the same features as our pre-modded SCORCH Rapid Fire Elite rapidfire controllers.

You'll need to provide this equipment on your own to complete the install:

Soldering iron
30-gauge or similar wire
Both special torx screwdrivers for opening your XBOX One controller
Electrical tape
9/64" drill bit (for installing the mod switch)
3/8" or 9mm drill bit, for installing the mod LED indicator
Hot glue (for attaching the mod switch and LED indicator) 

Your purchase of this DIY "kit" includes:

The XBOX One Solderless SCORCH Rapid Fire Elite Modchip
Mod switch
Mod indicator LED driver board
Mod indicator custom LED lense
On-line full color, detailed installation instructions

Please note, very little support is provided for Do-it-yourself kits, and this install is not advised for novices. The kits are intended for those customers who are already experienced with controller modifications.

Modchips are non-returnable and non-refundable.

NOTE: On first power-up, be sure to hold down the BUTTON-Y button to unlock all mods.  If you accidentally lock some mods on the first power-up, they will be locked forever (no password reset is available on DIY kits).
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