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RaptorFire Rapid Fire Kit for Xbox 360 with Bonus Thumbsticks
RaptorFire Rapid Fire Kit for Xbox 360 with Bonus Thumbsticks

RaptorFire Rapid Fire Kit for Xbox 360 with Bonus Thumbsticks


RaptorFire Rapid Fire Kit for Xbox 360 with Bonus Thumbsticks

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Thumbstick Colors
Select your Bonus Colored Xbox 360 Thumbsticks from the dropdown below.  Please note not all colors are free.  Additional charge for some colors.

Raptorfire Xbox 360 Flexboard without Illuminating Thumbsticks 100% Undetectable 
The guys at Raptorfire have put together one of the most extensive and revolutionary mods on the market with the Raptorfire for Xbox 360.  Now you can get yours to install in your very own Xbox 360 controller.
  1. 1. Once your controller is back together you will put your batteries in and turn on your controller.
  2. 2. You will see Red light on position 2, Red light in position 3 and Green Light in position 4.
  3. 3. The light in position 2 will let you know what option you are adding or not adding.
  4. 4. The lights in position 3 ( Red ) and position 4 ( Green ) tell you Green (YES) or Red (No)
  5. 5. You will press either your Red (B) or Green (A) to say yes or no. (do you want this option)

Options Listed Below :

  • Red= Drop Shot
  • Yellow= Jitter
  • White= Active Reload
  • Blue= Fast Reload
  • Purple= Sniper Hold Breath
  • Green= Burst

When you are programing if you get to the Green and think you might have made a mistake you need to stop and take your battery out and start your programming all over. If you go through all 6 options and answer them you will lock the controller permanently. If you think you might have made a mistake and you have not gone through all 6 options then you can just remove the batteries and it will allow you to start over.

DISCLAIMER: Some level of installation knowledge is required to properly install the chip. If you do not properly install it, you could possibly damage your controller and your Raptorfire Chip. Please note we are NOT responsible for any damage to the controller or the Raptorfire Chip (Flexboard) as a result of improper installation.
When you install the chip and power on the controller for the FIRST TIME, all of the LEDs will light up. BEFORE PRESSING ANY OTHER BUTTONS, you MUST press the "A" (green) button continuously until only the player 1 LED is on. If you do not complete this step your controller will not program correctly and it will damage the mod. If you fail to follow this step, we will not be responsible for your controller or the chip.



The RaptorFire mod chip is only compatible with CG1 and CG2 type controller boards. It is NOT compatible with Matrix type boards. In order to verify if your controller is CG1/CG2/Matrix, remove the battery pack and look at the left-most section of board that is visible thru the controller shell. If your controller is CG1 or CG2 you will see a capacitor that looks like one of these:
If one of these capacitors is present then your controller is compatible with the RaptorFire mod chip. If neither of these capacitors is visible on the left side of the board under the battery pack then your controller is a Matrix board and is therefore NOT compatible with the RaptorFire mod chip. Please verify this prior to placing your order. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Easily done
This was only my second time soldering so I was a little nervous at opening my remote. I was very pleased with how easy it was to put in. The guys at modjunkiez answered all my beginners questions and I thank them. I urge folks to get it here
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Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 3/28/2012
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