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Orby Y Cable for Xbox 360
Orby Y Cable for Xbox 360

Orby Y Cable for Xbox 360


Orby Y Cable for Xbox 360

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Orby Y cable elegantly provides convenient access to 5V power within your 360 in
order to kick starts some serious customization opportunities. In a true plug
and play format, the Orby Y (via 5V) will aid you in powering LEDs, cathode
lights, products or even temperature displays in order to truly make your 360
look breathtaking.

The Orby Y sports custom black connectors and is
pre-sleeved with high quality PET sleeve. When you install your new case window,
you certainly wont be hiding these stylish wires. Whats more is that you will
be able to regularly update your visual masterpiece without hassle due to the
plug and play nature of the Orby Y.

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