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Gold Pro Series Xbox 360 Controller
Gold Pro Series Xbox 360 Controller

Gold Pro Series Xbox 360 Controller


Gold Pro Series Xbox 360 Controller

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Wired or Wireless help
LED Installation help
Custom Guide Button help
PRO Thumbsticks
ABXY Buttons help
Dyna Mapper help
Tactical Remapping help
Top Bumper Assembly
Bottom Trims
Trigger Stops V2 help
Adjustable Triggers with Stops
Rumble Removal help
Plug and Play Charge Kit
Grip X on Rear Shell help
The Modjunkiez Pro Series Xbox 360 Controllers.  Made by Pro Gamer's for Pro Gamer's!
  • Tournament Ready and Approved.
  • Tested by Pro Gamer's.
  • Precisely Calibrated for Tournament Action.
  • No Slow 360 Motion Guarantee 
  • Trick Shooter Tested and Approved.
  • Chrome Front Half of Controller Shell.  Back is Standard Black.
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