Q. What is Custom Imaged or Custom Imaging.  

A.  Custom Imaging is our Patented Process only available from Modjunkiez.  It Allows us to deliver designs that are absolutely unrivaled in the industry.  We have the top graphic artist in the industry employed at Modjunkiez LLC to deliver those unbeatable designs!

Q.  What if I can't find a design I like on your site?

A.  No Problem.  You can do a Design Your Own.    You  Imagine.  We Create!  

Q.  Can I get my Gamertag on my design.   

A.  Yes you can get your gamertag added to your custom imaged controller for an additional fee.  

Q.  How Does the Design Your Own Work.  

A.   You Imagine.  We Create.    All you have to do is give us an idea or images you would like on your controller.   It can be a Your Team Logo,  Your Business Logo, You name it!   Or you can just let our Top Notch Graphics Arts Staff Create a Unrivaled design.    Once created we will send you a Mock Up for your approval.  Once approved it is then put through our Custom Imaging Process. 

Q.  How Long will it take to for my Custom Imaged Controller to arrive? 

A.  It will take 4-8 weeks minimum for your Custom Imaged Controller to arrive.  * Holiday times may take 4-8 weeks.   December 13th is cut off date for orders to receive by Christmas.  Please note any order placed after this time may not be received by Christmas.   Modjunkiez is not responsible for any orders not received by Christmas due to missed cut off date.   

Q.  Why does it take so long for Custom Imaging Process.  

A.  Our Patented Custom Imaging Process is a handcrafted process in which time is needed to deliver the product.  

Q.  Are there returns or refunds for Custom Imaged Controllers?

A.  No.  There are no returns or refunds for Any Custom Imaged Controllers.  Due to the high cost of Custom Imaging we cannot offer refunds or returns of a Custom Imaged product.  Store Credit is received in the event of a refund / return of a Custom Imaged Product.    


Q. What Payment Types are Accepted?

A.  Paypal, Pay with Amazon, and Credit Card. Check or Money or is accepted form of payment as well.  However all items must be paid in full before shipment. 


Q. How is Modjunkiez Different from the competition ?

A. Unrivaled Custom Imaged Controllers Only available from MJZ. 

A.  Our PRO Series Controllers are second to none.  One of a Kind Unbeatable designs. We had Remapped Buttons on the bottom of our controllers before anyone in the industry. 

Q. Can Modjunkiez PRO Series controllers be used in Tournaments ?

A.  Yes you can they are MLG & UMG Certified and Approved.  Multiple teams have used our PRO Series in both UMG and MLG Competitions. Including in the COD Championships!  You can be next.

Q. Do you ship Worldwide?

A. Yes, Simply choose Priority Mail International or EMS. Each International, First Class International to order also receives a Delivery Confirmation Number as well. However please note the customer will be responsible for any import Tariffs or Taxes.  If you have any questions. please contact us here CLICK HERE
Q. Will I get a Tracking Number with my order?

A. Yes every order receives a Tracking Number with Delivery Confirmation.  We want to assure your package makes it to you securely. Even though we do include tracking information it is up to you to assure you get package insure to protect your package in the event of any unintended issues with USPS, UPS, FEDEX. 

Modded Products

Q. Do your Rapid Fire Controllers work with Call of Duty , Halo , Titanfall ?

A.  Absolutely !!  All of our Rapid Fire Controllers work games listed above as well as hundreds of other First Person Shooters. If it uses the Right Trigger to fire it will work!

Q.  What are the modes?

A.  The modes contain a unique setting.  With that said one "mode" may have rapid fire,and another may have rapid fire with drop shot.  Just think of the modes as the speed settings on your blender. Each one may go faster.

Q.  Is Rapid Fire Legal ?

A.  100% .  Rapid Fire / Turbo controllers have been sold for years by companies like Madcatz and Nyko.  The main difference is our rapid fire is specially designed for First Person Shooters.

Q. Do your Rapid Fire Controllers work with Call of Duty , Halo , Titanfall ?

A.  Absolutely !!  All of our PRO Series Controllers and Rapid Fire Controllers work games listed above as well as hundreds of other First Person Shooters. If it uses the Right Trigger to fire it will work!

Q. How do I know my controller was professionally modded ?

A. Dont be swashbuckled by some back of the truck modder or some guy working out of his garage. Our Controller Techs LOVE WHAT THEY DO so they take alot a pride in their work.  

Q. Do you use brand new controllers for your modz ?

A. Yes, All our controllers are 100% Official Xbox 360 Retail Package. Modjunkiez does not sell any used controllers. We leave that to the guys we mentioned before (Back of the truck Modders)

Q. Will this work with more than one game?

A. Most Definitely.  We carry a large selection of Rapid Fire Products. Our Scorch Rapid Fire Tech is second to none! Works with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare,MW3,Black Ops 3, MW2,Call of Duty Titles,Left 4 Dead,Halo,Gears of War Series and any other FPS you can think of !! 

Q. Can your Rapid Fire controllers be detected on Xbox Live?

A.  Not at all our controllers have built in Stealth Tech in each chip. Xbox live does not run checks for any type of modded controllers.  It is not illegal at all to mod controllers or use rapid fire.  The use of turbo / rapid fire has been around since the first days of consoles.

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