Design Your Own RaptorFire Xbox 360 Custom Controller

Design Your Own RaptorFire Xbox 360 Custom Controller


Design Your Own RaptorFire Xbox 360 Custom Controller

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Raptor Master Mod w/ Auto Aim help
Raptor Master Mod [+$70.00]
No Master Mod
Tactile Switch OB
Tactile Switch OB [+$14.99]
Illuminating Thumbsticks
Illuminating Thumbsticks [+$29.98]
Fast Reload help
Fast Reload [+$9.99]
Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire [+$49.99]
No Rapid Fire
Active Reload help
Active Reload [+$14.99]
Dropshot help
Dropshot [+$14.99]
Akimbo [+$9.99]
Snipers Breath help
Snipers Breath [+$9.99]
Jitter help
Jitter Mode [+$9.99]
Burst help
Burst [+$9.99]
Controller Shell
ABXY Buttons
Thumbstick Colors
Bottom Trims
Top Bumper Assembly
Illuminating Triggers
Raptor Fire Rapid Fire Controller Operational Guide CLICK HERE
You got it. Modjunkiez is now letting you use your own creative mind to come up with some MIND BLOWING Modz !!   So what are you waiting for get to work creating your own custom mod.   We are letting you run free with the options from our wide selection of Custom Bottom Trims, ABXY Buttons, Top Bumper Assemblys and Colored Thumbsticks Kits.
** Your Raptorfire may or may not have some of the modes listed.  It all depends on what you pick from the check boxes **
Pick Below from the dropdowns the options you would like on your controller add to cart and wait for your masterpiece to arrive !!
*** You will need to make sure you choose each piece of the shell.   Fields required to checkout are the following : Controller Shell, Thumbsticks, DPad, Triggers, Top Bumper Assembly, Bottom Trim, ABXY ***
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