Here at Modjunkiez we offer many shipping options. We believe in giving our customers a choice when it comes to the shipping courier.  We now offer a FLAT RATE shipment cost for any package under 2 lbs.  Every single order from Modjunkiez comes with a real time Delivery Confirmation and Shipment Tracking.

Q. How long will it take if I choose the Free Shipping Method?

A. After your controller has been built. Depends on where in the USA you live:
Midwest 2-3 Days - East Coast 2-3 Days - West Coast 2-3 Days
Q. Do you ship Worldwide?
A. Yes, Choose the Bongo Checkout icon.  Each International order also receives a Delivery Confirmation Number as well. However please note the customer will be responsible for any import Tariffs or Taxes.
Q. Will I get a Tracking Number with my order?
A. Yes every order receives a Tracking Number with Delivery Confirmation