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PS3 RaptorFire Solderless Clip On Rapid Fire Chip for Playstation 3 Controllers

Part Number 000PS3RPTRCHIP
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PS3 RaptorFire Solderless Clip On Rapid Fire Chip for Playstation 3 Controllers
PS3 Raptor Fire Clip On Rapid Fire Chip
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This is the next generation in Playstation 3 rapid fire. Our Raptorfire™ clip-on rapid fire chip is perfect for even the novice installer. Just open your controller, clip the chip on the main board, and you are ready to go! No soldering required. This is the LAST chip you will ever need. This chip is a full master mod. It includes multiple rapid fire modes and different classes allowing you to utilize all of the chip's features at once!
  • Drop Shot 
  • Jitter 
  • Zombie Mode Auto Aim
  • Akimbo 
  • Quick Scope 
  • Quick Melee 
  • Quick Riot Shield 
  • Adjustable Quick Scope 
  • Burst Mode 
  • 10 Different Button Layouts 

All of our chips are 100% undetectable.

Using your controller for the first time

When you receive the chip, and install it onto your PlayStation 3 Controller, you must do the following:

  1. 1. Press down on the D-pad and hold to activate the Chip
  2. 2. Once activated, the player 4 Led will light up Purple
  3. 3. The color will represent what Exclusive Mod you want to be activated or disabled. Below is a color chart
  4. 4. Press X for Yes (activate) and O for NO (do not activate)

Option 1 Purple Sniper
Option 2 Red Drop Shot
Option 3 Blue Akimbo
Option 4 Yellow Jitter
Option 5 White Quick Knife
Option 6 Green Burst
*Beyond option 6 is the point of no return

Hit X for YES Displays on LED 3
Hit O for NO Displays on LED 3


The menu system is setup in 3 Classes. (Once you finished the programming, Press down on the Dpad and hold to enter Class 1, and browse by holding down on the Dpad.)

  • Class 1 is marked by a Blue Led in Player 4 Slot
  • Class 2 is marked by a Purple Led in Player 4 Slot
  • Class 3 is marked by a Green Led in the Player 4 Slot

      Make sure you browse through the classes by holding down on the Dpad until you complete the cycle from Blue, Purple, and Green. The 4th Dpad Down, will shut off the Chip. If you hold it down again, it will activate the chip with the Class 1 again lighting up Blue in player 4 Slot.


      Each Class has 2 Available Empty Slots for a total of 6 slots, since there are 2 in each Class.

      Activating Slots: When you hold DOWN on the D-Pad, and you enter the 1st Class, Hold UP on the Dpad until your player 3 LED lights up Blue (Default RapidFire). This activates SLOT 1. We have a color chart that shows all the modes and sub-modes that can be assigned to each slot. To Assign an Exclusive Mod to SLOT 1, hold LEFT on the D-pad and hold the corresponding button on the chart for the exclusive add-on you would like to select. The player 3 LED will switch to the color of the exclusive add-on that you have selected. To switch to SLOT 2, hold UP on the D-pad until the player 3 LED blinks, indicating you are now in SLOT 2. To turn off the SLOTS, hold up on the D-pad until the player 3 LED turns off. Repeat these steps to cycle between SLOT 1, SLOT 2, and OFF.

      Slot 1: With SLOT 1 selected, if you wanted Drop Shot, hold LEFT DPAD and CIRCLE, and your Player 3 Led will light up RED. It will blink a number of times representing the MODE that you are selecting. For example, if you want to select MODE 2 of drop shot, hold the left D-pad and the CIRCLE button until the player 3 light blinks 2 times. Let go immediately. If it blinks 3 times, you will be in MODE 3. A white light will blink after you let go confirming the MODE has been selected. There are multiple Drop Shot Sub-Modes as well as multiple modes for the other exclusive mods (i.e. Akimbo, jitter, burst, etc). If you wanted to choose a different exclusive add-on from the Chart, just repeat the function by Holding Down LEFT DPAD and the exclusive add-on’s corresponding button (see chart) and your player 3 Led will change to the color that corresponds to the option on the Chart you would like to select.

      Slot 2: To Enter Slot 2 of any class, hold UP on the DPAD, and your player 3 LED will flash again, indicating its ready for programming (see previous step). Remember, all the Slots are blue by default for Rapid fire.

      Adjusting Rapid Fire Speed and Burst Modes

      Example: (When you are in Class 1, Slot 1 and player 3 led is Blue) Hold down the Left Dpad, until Player 3 & 4 Led will flash Red continuously. You will use L1 to decrease shots per second and R1 to increase speed setting (in increments of 1). When you press the L1 buttons to decrease, player 4 LED will flash once. After, player 4 LED will flash a number of times indicating the tens value and the player 3 LED will flash a number of times indicating the ones value. For example, when Player 4 flashes 1 time, this will represent ten and Player 3 flashes 3 times will represent 3 for speed setting 13. You will need to count the amount of times each player led flashes to know what speed setting you are on. Once you decide and have selected which speed setting you want, HOLD DOWN LEFT DPAD, and it will save the Speed setting forever. The same process applies to adjusting the number of rounds per burst when using burst mode.

      Suggested MW3 Speeds 11-13 Shots per second (speed setting 11-13).

      NOTE: The classes and slots were designed to be programmed and used in live game play by the use of the D-Pad to browse through the modes. This makes it convenient to change your setting while playing the game. However you can install a tact switch on the back of the controller to change modes as well. 


      ** Chips Are Fragile please make sure to install them with care and do not press hard while installing it can cause damage to your Raptorfirechip.  YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE  A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT DUE TO IMPROPER INSTALLATION  **
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Customer Reviews
Rating easy for me to put in my ps3 remote
this was pretty easy to put in. i was able to open controller and then clip it on with no soldering. i am gettin another for my wifes controller. i have improved my cod skills alot with this thing.
  Did you find this helpful?    8 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Brunswick, New Jersey. - 9/13/2013
Rating fairly easy
well this was first time i had ever open ed a controller. so i will say i was kind of nervous. i looked at the videos before hand to see if i thought i could do it. well i did and it was extremely easy. just make sure to use the foam pad thing they send with it. i forgot to put mine in at first and had some problems. once put that foam thing in it was fine. smart product i like it
  Did you find this helpful?    6 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn, NY. - 6/23/2012
Rating wonderous
wonderous is what i say. worked great for me. watched the video way easy
  Did you find this helpful?    2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Oregon. - 8/7/2014
Rating Great and easy to put in
Easier to put in than i thought it would be. took me more time to open controller then it did to put the raptorfire in. be careful pushing down the chip. i bent the pins and had to straighten them out with a magnifying glass.
  Did you find this helpful?    2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Kentucky. - 8/7/2014
Rating i bought another one
bought it for ps3 and i got another one now. good rapid fire.
  Did you find this helpful?   
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. - 11/14/2014
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