NEXT LEVEL Sponsorship Program

Please sign up for the sponsorship program using this form. 

The NEXT LEVEL is our new Sponsorship Program.  There are 3 Levels to the NEXT LEVEL Sponsorship Program.  Your teams Sponsorship LEVEL rises the more your Team's promo code is used.  Your team will receive a 10% off coupon code to use.  GRIND ON!

What you get when you sign up -  1 x Coupon code for you or your team for 10% off. 1 Year MJZ Sponsorship contract.


BRONZE -  Minimum of 5 uses of Team's Code unlocks BRONZE Rewards.

SILVER -  Minimum of 25 uses of Team's Code unlocks SILVER Rewards.

GOLD - Minimum of 45 uses of Team's Code unlocks GOLD Rewards.


BRONZE UNLOCK:  Xbox + PS4 Controller Design By Rich Designs which will be listed on the site.  

SILVER UNLOCK:  1 YR Paid Youtube Gaming Sponsorship. Tomahawk Shades for the Team.

GOLD UNLOCK:  1 X Team Pass for LAN of choice paid in full by MJZ & 4 X MJZ PRO SERIES Controllers for the Team.